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Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?


Telehealth is a secure video appointment between you and your mental health provider in place of a "regular" in-person session. 

Is it difficult to do?

Not at all. You can start a session/video call from anywhere on almost any device. After booking a session you will receive an email with a link. Just click the link to connect to your therapist- no logins, no passwords, no apps, no hassle.  

Will my insurance cover it?

Most major insurances cover telehealth sessions just like "regular" sessions. 

Is it different than a "regular" session?

Yes and no. Yes because you are talking and seeing each other through your device (smartphone, tablet, PC). Other than that, the discussions, treatment, and time are identical. The video quality is great and the process is seamless. 

Is it secure?

Absolutely. All telehealth sessions with The Help Couch are 100% HIPAA compliant on a secure platform with bank-level encryption. The lines of communication are anonymous and none of the information is stored. 

How do I set up a Telehealth session?

It's simple. Just call us at 248.509.4575 and let us know you would like to try a telehealth session. 


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