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Support Groups
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BariCare Weight Loss Surgery Support Group - 6 week group 

  • Created and facilitated by bariatric mental health specialist Kathryn Shallow LPC. In addition to being a seasoned licensed professional counselor, Kathryn underwent bariatric surgery 15 years ago.  

  • A unique opportunity for raw, real, honest, and lasting connections - more about your real experience, less about the shoulds, should nots, and what you could be doing better

  • Unlike most surgical support groups, this group is purposely kept small (max of 12)* to facilitate interpersonal communication, connections, and lasting relationships



Individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery at any point. The topics we will cover are applicable to bariatric patients at any stage of the bariatric journey.  

Where & When?

  • The Help Couch 28555 Orchard Lake Rd Ste 230, Farmington Hills, 48334

  • 6 Sessions Coming in Summer of 2024




Take this unique opportunity to further invest in the life change you have already made!  Get ready to connect with others who share the same ups and downs, successes and frustrations - You’re not alone and we are here to provide a unique personal experience focusing on the emotional and mental aspects of bariatric surgery and life beyond (the stuff you’re left to deal with far after the labs and post-op appointments are done!)


  • Week 1 - Relationships & Support People “Do my peeps get all this?”

  • Week 2 - Emotion & Eating “What is going on in my noggin?”

  • Week 3 - Plateaus, Setbacks, & Struggles “What’s stopping me?? it me?”

  • Week 4 - Body Image & Self-Esteem "Who is staring back at me in the mirror today?!”

  • Week 5 - Motivation & Discipline “Wait… What the hell do I really need?!”

  • Week 6 - The Long Term Plan “Damn ... .is this really forever?!”


How much does it cost? 

  • Insurance is not accepted for groups​


How do you join the group?

  • Fill out the "Interest Form" below

  • One of our specialists will review and determine eligibility through individual screening

  • If selected, you will be contacted, and you can submit payment to confirm your seat

BariCare Interest Form

Type of procedure: (check all that apply)
What do you hope to gain by participating in this support group?
Can you attend on the Mondays indicated from 6:30-8:00?
Thank you, someone will be in touch soon.
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