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Support Groups

Group Information 

This group may be for you if,

  • You are AT LEAST 1 ½ -2 years post initial bariatric surgery *or*

  • You have undergone revision bariatric surgery (this includes but not limited to band/VSG, VSG/RNY, RNY/DS or SADI or overstitch)

  • You have been turned down or have been deemed not an appropriate candidate for revision surgery. You may be living with original surgery but dealing with both physical and mental/emotional issues (i.e. GERD, hiatal hernias, complications in changed intentistanal/esophageal/stoma/stomach anatomy)


What to expect in/from the group.

  • This group is to help you and others struggling with long term changes in emotional/mental health  *primarily* as a result of bariatric surgery - this includes, however, patients who have either a short or lifelong history of binge, restrictive or combo disordered eating and have undergone a bariatric surgery

  • This group will be primarily therapeutic but also supportive

  • Topics included but not limited to: emotional eating, self confidence, self advocating with medical professionals as well as family/friends/support circle, breaking the cycle of binge/restriction, celebrations that revolve around food, changed intimate and family relationships, needed support for lifestyle changes, isolation

  • Additional topics: weight regain and maneuvering body image issues, self esteem issues, and how this relates to and affects family, work, friends, multiple changes in size clothing ,perceived body image, body dysmorphia, etc

  • Private Facebook group for member to member support and interaction between meetings

Where and when do sessions take place? 

  • At The Help Couch 

  • 6 sessions occurring every other Monday evening 6:30-8pm



How much does it cost? 

  • $35 per person per session (via convenient online system)

  • Insurance is not accepted for groups

How do you join the group?

  • Fill out the "Interest Form" below

  • One of our specialists will review and determine eligibility through individual screening

  • We will contact you 

Interested in the group?

Time since initial surgery?
You think you would benefit from as well as contribute to a support group?
Can you attend on Mondays from 6:30-8:30?
Thank you, someone will be in touch soon.
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